What a fuck

I was online camping with a top that had fucked me a number of times before. He had a large cock and liked to abuse my holes with it. He was in another city on business and when he saw me online he messaged me. We talked and he soon had me out of my clothes and inserting various objects into my holes. I was getting really turned on by his commands and was rock hard.

I had just shoved a cucumber up my cunt and was enjoying the feeling when the doorbell rang. The top told me to go answer it, as he had told a couple of friends I was online and horny. He said to go naked and leave the cucumber in. I went to the door and there were two rather large guys standing there. I let them in and they directed me back to my cam. The top welcomed the two and told me to take the cucumber out of my ass, while the two undressed. When they were naked I was told to suck their cocks and lick their balls. One of the guys switched the cam from private to public and soon there were lots of people watching my performance.

As I was licking the ones guys ass the other got behind me and rammed his cock in my cunt. As soon as he hit rock bottom the other guy flipped around and shoved his cock down into my mouth. They both started hammering away. After about five minutes they switched places. This continued for about 30 minutes. Finally, the one in my ass said he was ready to cum. He tensed and shot his load deep in my cunt. The other guy withdrew from my mouth and entered my ass. He pumped away for a few minutes and he too unloaded deep in my hole. All the while this was going on there were people watching what was going on, on my cam!

The top told the guys to shove the cucumber back in my cunt before they left. As the one guy was shoving it in my hole the other guy got my rope and tied me so I was ass up facing the cam. I couldn’t move. As they were dressing another man came into the room. He wasn’t very big, but he had a huge cock! The other guys laughed and wished me luck as they left. The new guy went to my computer and answered a few of the messages that were flooding in. He smiled, turned to me and said, “It looks like they want me to **** you. I was planning on doing that anyway!.” He took his semi erect cock and shoved the head into my mouth. It slithered into my throat where it started to harden. He just held it there as it became erect. Soon I was choking and thrashing around, but the ropes held me firm. Just as I was about to pass out he withdrew it from my mouth. He smoked it a few times and it reached its full length of 13 inches and as thick as a beer can.

He maneuvered me around so my ass was facing the cam and yanked the cucumber from my hole. He adjusted the cam and placed the head of his monster at the entrance to my hole. I begged to be gentle. He asked my viewers, but they wanted my cunt ****d. at that he plunged his cock deep into my hole. About half went in easily. My cunt was stretched around the monster. He got up on the bed for more leverage and f***ed the rest of the cock into my cunt. I screamed at the intrusion. He quickly withdrew it and then plunged it all the way back in. I cried and screamed at each thrust. After about 20 minutes I stopped screaming and let him **** my hole. It was numb and I couldn’t feel a thing anyway. He pounded away for what seemed like an eternity. He finally tensed and sot his load deep in my bowels. He held his cock there until it started to soften. He withdrew it and presented it to my mouth to clean. It was covered with shit and bl**d. I did the best that I could.

After he dressed he presented my wrecked cunt to the cam viewers. they all congratulated him on his performance. As he left he loosened my bonds and said how he enjoyed fulfilling my **** fantasy! He liked r****g faggots and when he saw my request online he had to come over. He really liked the screaming, it was so realistic. The top and
his two friends had set me up! My cunt was a gaping hole and I had been ****d online for all to see.

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